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"Angel Productions has a well-established track record for making video products on equality and diversity issues. It is particularly strong on the “shadow side” of behaviour at work, tackling subjects such as harassment and poor attitudes towards disability. Its portfolio occupies a distinctive niche in the market, offering resources that are outside the mainstream production catalogues of training videos."  
- People Management


Video titles refered to in the table on the right:

BB = Best of the Bunch
BU = Bully Beware
CH = Can You Hear Me
EQ = Equality Challenge
FV = Find Your Voice
OY = Oh Yes I Can
SC = Stop the Clock
TD = The Difference

Links to overseas distributors of our workplace resources:
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South Africa   Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Macau
(enquiries from elsewhere and about our videos for research students should be addressed directly to Angel Productions).

videos for a fairer more productive workplace

Angel Productions still has an extensive archive of videos produced for workplace training between 1993 and 2008, with a focus on equality, diversity and people management.  Contact us with any enquiries.

Subject index for Angel Productions resources for the workplace

(the list of titles is on the left)

  major subject of this video some relevant content
Age discrimination   BU EQ TD
Bullying BU FV
Communication skills CH BU EQ FV OY TD
Community partnerships   OY TD
Counselling skills   BU
Customer relationships   EQ OY TD
Dignity at work BU EQ TD
Disability awareness OY EQ TD
Diversity EQ TD BB BU FV OY SC
Equal opportunities EQ TD BB BU FV OY SC
Ethical behaviour at work   BU FV TD
Flexible working SC OY TD
Harassment at work BU EQ TD
Interview skills BB BU
Investigation skills BU  
Job sharing SC  
Managing change FV SC BU
Managing people FV BB BU EQ OY SC TD
Mental health at work   EQ OY
Negotiating change SC  
Performance management FV BB BU EQ TD
Pregnancy discrimination   EQ
Presentation skills CH  
Race awareness   EQ FV TD
Racial harassment BU FV
Recruitment & selection BB  
Religious equality   TD
Sexual harassment BU EQ TD
Sexual orientation BU EQ TD
Stereotypes & discrimination TD BB BU EQ
Supervisory skills FV BU CH EQ OY TD
Supplier relationships   OY TD
Team building   BU EQ FV TD
Team working TD BU EQ FV OY SC
  major subject of this video some relevant content