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"I was actually using the viva video with a group of PGR students last Friday, some of whom have yet to upgrade, and they were asking me whether there was a video dealing with upgrade because they got so much out of the viva video. I too have found the videos helpful in prompting me to make and/or elaborate certain points to students and to stimulate discussion. The Good Upgrade Video will serve these purposes and will help to allay many of the anxieties that students experience when preparing for and undertaking this crucial stage of their PhD."

- Dr Paul Birkett, Postgraduate Research Manager, 
University of Bolton

The Good Upgrade Video

The Good Upgrade Video, part of the series for research students by Angel Productions, will help students and academics understand a crucial stage in the research student's career. 

Before being registered for a PhD, most have to go through an upgrade process (sometimes called 'transfer', 'confirmation' or 'probationary review') to check that their work is of a suitable standard.  This video, produced in partnership with the Open University, shows students how they can benefit from a rigorous upgrade process and why it should not be written off as a mere formality or a bureaucratic hurdle.  

The complete video is available in our  NEW  mobile app, Dr.App, or as a separate half hour video.  Ask us about a preview or purchasing a licence.

The Good Upgrade Video shows how a thorough review of progress and feedback can contribute to a successful outcome.  It will help students and their supervisors in all institutions to understand:
  • The Good Upgrade VideoWhat the upgrade process is for
  • What is typically required of students
  • How students can benefit from it
  • What outcomes to expect.  

The upgrade is a wake-up call: while students might not welcome it at the time, in retrospect they value it as an essential stage in moving on to their PhD.