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"Users appreciate the less formal tone of these videos and being able to access this content as and when they need it. The production values are very good and, particularly for our distance learning research students, these videos are a great addition to our online training materials."
- Brett Dodgson, Graduate School Officer, University of Leicester 

The Good Supervision Video -
how to work with your PhD supervisor

The quality of your relationship with your supervisor or supervisors can be crucial to the progress of your PhD.  Should you think of your supervisor as your teacher, your friend, an authority figure or a resource for your use?  And what should you do if you are not getting the support you need?  This video in our series for doctoral students was made in cooperation with Birkbeck, University of London. It will help students in all institutions and all disciplines to get the best from their supervisors, and can also help supervisors to develop their skills.

The complete video is available in our  NEW  mobile app, Dr.App, or as a separate half hour video.  Ask us about a preview or purchasing a licence.

 The Good Supervision Video will help doctoral students:  

  • Understand the supervisor’s role
  • Plan and make good use of supervision meetings
  • Take the lead in supervision meetings
  • Understand differences between disciplines
  • Plan the wider work of PhD research
  • Establish a realistic timetable for completion on time
  • Deal with a ‘busy’ supervisor
  • Understand the UK system if you are from overseas
  • Know what supervisors should and should not expect of you
  • Keep records of supervision meetings
  • Understand the limits of the supervisor’s role
  • Ask for the feedback you need
  • Understand upgrading, transfer and monitoring procedures
  • Deal with setbacks and disappointments
It can also help preparing staff to take on the role of supervisor for the first time and raise issues for discussion with experienced supervisors.

Based on specially scripted drama scenarios and interviews with experienced supervisors, The Good Supervision Video was produced with advice from Professor John Wakeford, Director of the Missenden Centre for the Development of Higher Education.

The Angel Productions videos for research students now include 3 titles about supervision:
  • The Good Supervision Video (details above) helps students understand what they should expect from supervisors, and can help supervisors understand their role.

  • The Bad Supervision Video  NEW  helps students decide what to do if they have problems in their relationship with supervisors.

  • The Outstanding Supervisors Video helps supervisors to reflect on their practice.