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Shortlisted for the British Universities Film & Video Council's 'Learning on Screen' Awards 2010

used in about 50 universities
University of the Arts London

"I found the DVD to be helpful, straightforward and not overcomplicated, reassuring, easy to follow. I'm sure our research students will find the advice and guidance beneficial."  
- Dr Paul Birkett, Postgraduate Research Manager,
University of Bolton

The Good Presentation Video

The Good Presentation Video helps doctoral students (and others) improve their presentation skills.  This video in our series for doctoral students was made in cooperation with Birkbeck, University of London. Presented by Greg de Polnay, an experienced voice and presentation coach, who regularly works with PhD students.   

The complete video is available in our
 NEW  mobile app, Dr.App, or as a separate half hour video.  Ask us about a preview or purchasing a licence.

Good presentation skills are essential for students while undertaking a PhD, and in their future careers, whether in academia or elsewhere.

The Good Presentation Video includes: 
  • Choosing appropriate content
  • How to practice
  • Using your voice, body, technology
  • Expecting the unexpected

It will build students' confidence as well as their skills in a task which many find daunting.

Based on specially scripted drama scenarios and interviews with experienced academics and PhD students, The Good Presentation Video was produced with advice from Professor John Wakeford, Director of the Missenden Centre for the Development of Higher Education.