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 NEW  2017

This video in our series for doctoral students was made in partnership with Royal Holloway, University of London. 

"an excellent and useful resource for our research degree students ... This is particularly helpful and inspiring for students and shows how important it is to be flexible and to take on these extra commitments that will help with their career and complement their overall ambitions."
- Dr Angela Tinwell,
Research and Graduate School,
University of Bolton

The 'What Next?' Video -
career planning during your PhD

A PhD by itself is rarely enough to launch a career these days, whether in academia or anywhere else.  So what else should PhD students do, apart from working on their thesis, to become employable?

The complete video is available in our  NEW  mobile app, Dr.App, or as a separate half hour video.  Ask us about a preview or purchasing a licence.

Through drama scenes, expert interviews and documentary case studies of recent PhD graduates, including a young academic, someone employed outside academia, and someone who has started his own business, The 'What Next?' Video offers practical advice for becoming employable on completion.  Topics include:

The 'What Next?' Video was produced in partnership with Royal Holloway, University of London, and with advice from Professor John Wakeford, Director of the Missenden Centre for the Development of Higher Education, as part of our series for doctoral students.