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3 DVDs (20, 32 + 49 mins)
Printable training guide, worksheets and handouts on CD-rom
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'This is the first training video I have shown which keeps the audience entertained and involved throughout. Afterwards participants can't wait to discuss each person's role and problems...  Overall this is by far the best DVD that I have used for training purposes and I highly recommend it.' 
- Paula McDowell, The Social Partnership (TSP) Liverpool

'a welcome training package ... will serve as an effective guide, either as part of an existing training course or as a stand-alone resource, to help combat a very serious yet familiar problem in many organisations.' 
- People Management 
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Bully Beware
bullying & harassment at work

Bully BewareBully Beware is the complete training and action kit for any organisation which is serious about preventing bullying and harassment at work, and dealing with them when they occur.

The pack consists of three DVDs with a CD-rom of printable resources including a training guide, worksheets and handouts which users can print in unlimited quantities. The videos are built around powerful and compelling drama scenarios.


< Play an excerpt here. The complete programmes are supplied on DVD with full screen broadcast quality video.

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Bully BewareDVD 1, You and Your Workplace (20 minutes)
Designed for all staff, this programme gets people to think about their behaviour and raises awareness of bullying and harassment, highlights responsibilities for all staff and managers, outlines organisation policies and procedures for dignity at work and the options to stop bullying and harassment and prevent their recurrence, shows staff how to take personal action.  

Bully Beware

DVD 2, Informal Action (32 minutes)
Designed for managers, this programme encourages them to take a variety of early and informal actions to keep the workplace free from bullying and harassment by spotting and stopping inappropriate behaviour and nipping it in the bud.  It includes scenes on how not to do it.  It shows listening, feedback, coaching, dispute resolution and mediation skills.   

Bully BewareDVD 3, Formal Action (49 minutes)    
This programme looks at a more serious case of bullying.  It contains everything managers need to know about taking formal action, conducting an investigation and responding to counter complaints.  It discusses how opportunities are sometimes missed for resolving problems informally before formal action becomes necessary.

The DVDs feature subtitles for hearing impaired users, which you can switch on or off as needed 

The  resource CD-rom contains a printable training guide, worksheets and handouts.

Bully Beware was produced with sponsorship from the Institute of Psychiatry at Kings College London, Fenman, Lloyds TSB, Bristol City Council, TMS Consultants and Challenge Consultancy.